Welcome to NeuroRecovery Learning, where we strive to deliver the most up to date information about spinal cord injury (SCI) recovery. Each course is specifically developed to translate scientific evidence for clinicians, researchers and other healthcare professionals for use in regular care.

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Adult Neuromuscular Recovery Scale (NRS)
The Adult NRS is innovative and unique in that recovery scores are based on a comparison to pre-injury performance criteria or how a task was performed one day prior to SCI and without use of compensation strategies.
Introduction to Locomotor Training
This Introduction to Locomotor Training course provides physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, researchers, and others with current evidence-based knowledge on the skills related to locomotor training.
Segmental Assessment of Trunk Control (SATCo)
REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: This course introduces the SATCo assessment, it's development and psychometric properties, how to administer and score the SATCo, and application for postural control in the clinic, school, home, and research settings.

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